Scrapbook Photo Backups

While I don't really believe all the "LJ is going to close" drama brought about by yesterday's sudden layoffs (I do feel for those laid off with such lack of notice or severance, though - my thoughts go out to you all!) (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this post, which lays it out quite well), I did realize it would definitely be prudent to back up my LJ and Scrapbook files, which I have been quite remiss in doing to date. LJ entry backup is quite well documented at these links:

However, Scrapbook backup is poorly documented (if at all, really). The best resource I've come across is this entry in lj_dev, which has solutions that basically don't work. So I took it upon myself to fix this situation. :)

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Friends Only

I've decided to make my LJ friends-only. If you're interested in reading friends-only entries, comment here, friend me, and/or send me an e-mail. All of those will trigger notifications in some way that will let me know you're interested in being on my friends list, and I'll decide if I want to when I get a chance.